Pequannock Watershed

Pequannock Watershed

Bearfort Fire Tower - Photo by Daniel Chazin Bearfort Fire Tower - Photo by Daniel Chazin
41.04705, -74.410204

The clear lakes, streams and ponds, the mountains with their dramatic rock outcroppings, the forests all combine to make the Pequannock Watershed one of the most scenic areas in New Jersey. FEE and PERMIT REQUIRED


Pequannock Watershed

The City of Newark's Pequannock Watershed property adjoins the southern boundary of Wawayanda State park.  The area encompasses 35,000 acres and includes five major reservoirs totaling almost 2,000 acres. The clear lakes, streams and ponds, the mountains with their dramatic rock outcroppings, the forests, and the varied vegetation of the...

Park Acreage:

35000.00 acres


West Milford

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City of Newark


(973) 697-1724


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Not available

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September 13, 2018
Newark Watershed Conservation and Development Corporation ( NWCDC ) on Echo Lake Road, Newfoundland, NJ used to manage these watershed lands, but no longer; supposedly now it's the City of Newark, but the links to find info on obtaining a permit do not work.
June 23, 2010
Bearfort Waters/Clinton & Highlands Trail
On June 5th, 2010 Estelle says:

The reroute of the BW/C and Highlands Trail has been completed.  All the HT blazing is done, some of the BW/C yellow blazes will be completed shortly.  The HT crosses Clinton Rd, Pequannock Watershed at P4 and now continues straight up the hill. It turns left and co-aligns along the newly created Bearfort Waters/Clinton (yellow) trail.  Since it's new, take care to follow the blazes.  There is no longer a loop hike possible since the trail across the beaver dam is closed. The beavers have made this crossing nearly impossible!  It's possible to hike from P4 to parking area P9 using a car shuttle.  This is a beautiful hike along ridges, with, at one point, a view of Buckabear Pond and Clinton Reservoir. After the beaver dam, the rest of the hike is along the reservoir.   Check the Highlands Trail webpages for further detail. 

Happy hiking!

Click for further discussion, especially about Timber Rattlesnakes in the area.

Phil McLewin
April 29, 2010
This is a remote area with
This is a remote area with very limited police presence and long delays in response, to problems. A car was vandalized 3/28 with a wallet and cell phone taken.
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